Monday, February 8, 2010

Attachments to your service using email

You can now attach a file to your service using your email. Instructions below.

Prerequisites -
  1. The service should exist and should be active
  2. The user from whom the email is being sent should be associated to the service. In other words, the person sending the email should have access to the service.
Procedure -
  1. Create an email with the desired attachment (using your email account whose id you use to login to Papilio)
  2. The subject of the email should contain the service id and the word "attach" only. Example => #S1016V1743: attach
  3. The service id can be found in the overview page, as a prefix to the service name just below the tabs on the right side. It is usually in the format of #SV
  4. The body of the email will be ignored and the attachment will be uploaded to the service, and can be seen in the Files sub-tab
  5. The background service runs once every 30 mins. So probably this might take about 30 mins. to appear in your service.


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