Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Papilio Launch

Papilio 1.0 - Its here!

Thank you for being there with us through this journey. We are extremely proud and happy to release our new product version. And as always this is not the end, but just the beginning.

Couple of important announcements that we would like to make -

  1. Soapbox has been moved out of Papilio. This means, that you will still be able to access it through but not through the application as it used to be. We will be reworking on soapbox from a new angle and bringing it back to you as a full fledged marketing tool in the next three months.
  2. The Dashboard of Papilio has been downgraded as well. We are in the process of redesigning this feature to make it more useful. Hence the calendar and the milestones have been removed, but they will be reintroduced in the new design in a better form.

Some exciting new features -

  • Now you can prioritize your services by marking it with a star.
  • You can now upload multiple files with a single click.
  • Personalize the look and feel of your Papilio account by uploading your own logo.
  • On the same lines as tasklists and messages, you can mark the files as private, so that they are not visible to your clients.
  • Now you can better analyse your reports in graphical form.

You can find out more about them on the what's new page. We hope you will like the new look and features, and as always, will let us know of your comments/concerns.

And now its party time!