Friday, September 13, 2013

Security is very subjective

We keep repeating to all our friends, family and clients that internet security at their premises is not difficult to get compromised. Few people argue they have best firewalls and best wi-fi settings, but we persist to make them understand.

Recently I came across this interesting article that says "Google knows nearly every 'Wi-Fi' password in the world". Even WPA2 encryption or long random passwords offer no protection and easy to break. And with current news of NSA, CIA and FBI are tracking everybody's data, you will never know if your Wi-Fi passwords are already known to many others than just you. Go read this article  to know more.

What is important to understand with respect to security is that its only as secure as your weakest link. The data bleed can happen anywhere in the chain of connections from your harddisk to the servers that you access and work with. The primary reason why we built Papilio on top of the AWS infrastructure is the confidence that they give us with respect to security.