Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Deepavali

We have a small surprise feature for you on this Diwali. Its actually an easter egg which was created long ago, but we are bringing it to light now.

If you want to point to a file in the task, which is already a part of the service, i.e. make it a link in the tasklist, we now have to a way to do it. While creating a task, within the content of the task, please include the filename in the format given below -

(the initial $ symbol and the ending curly brackets are important.)

When you save the task, the filename appears as a link. When somebody clicks on the link it downloads the latest version of that file, that has been attached to the service. This approach will have an issue if you have multiple files with the same name attached to a service (not as versions but as different attachments), which I presume will not be the case. In such a case, the one that has been uploaded first will be downloaded.

Lets say the task is as follows -
- Fill the Form - 32

If you wanted to link the form32 template uploaded as a part of the service, you would need to write the task as
- Fill the Form - 32 (${Form32.pdf})
which would appear to everybody as -
- Fill the Form - 32 (Form32.pdf)
where Form32.pdf would automagically, will turn into a link pointing to the latest version of the file that has been uploaded in the files section.

Hope you will like this and use this. One obvious use is to use this in your service templates and automatically create links to proper format files in the tasklist in the corresponding services which use these templates.