Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Working with tasks made simpler

For an executive, completing a day's work is made simpler. All actions that can be performed with in a service can now be performed in completely changed "My Tasks" page.

Tasks can be viewed either by service or by due date. If tasks are viewed "By Due Date", all pending tasks till current weekend are displayed in chronological order. To view pending tasks, choose a client (or enter client name if you are part of active services of more than five clients). All tasks of multiple services related to this selected client will be displayed.

As highlighted in the image above, multiple actions like - file uploading, linking, time log entry, commenting and completing a task can be performed in one page for multiple services. To see all tasks within a tasklist, simply uncheck "Show only tasks assigned to me". 

Hope you like this new feature. Please drop in your comments or suggestions on how we can improve it further.