Friday, July 7, 2017

Papilio Update

Seasons greetings!

There are few changes to Papilio. 

Notable change is introduction of GSTIN at necessary places. Now, you can store GSTIN of your client along with client information. To update all clients, download existing client information, update GSTIN for each client in the downloaded file accordingly, and upload it back. For you all using Mulberry, the same information will automatically be updated in Mulberry as well. It is just the start of GST related changes in Mulberry. In coming days, Mulberry will be more GST compliant. 

Thank you very much for your inputs. Please keep your suggestions flowing!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Service - Reason Code

There could be various reasons for a service to be open or cancelled or even completed. With current changes to Papilio, you can set a reason for service for being in that status. A glance at reason gives you a quick update about service. A simple example could be - A service is open since couple of months because "Waiting for inputs". Or a service is cancelled because it was "Erroneously created".

Papilio has a defalut set of reasons for each status. You may setup your own reasons in "Configure Lists" under "Admin" -> "Settings" for each status of service.

Hope you like this update. Please share your inputs/ feedback.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Papilio Update - Jan '17

Seasons greetings!!!

We have few new updates in Papilio worth mentioning. 

Expenses tracking

Now, you can track/ manage out of pocket expenses in Papilio. Expenses work very similar to the way time sheets work.

It is just a two step process to start working with expenses:

1. Navigate to Admin -> Settings and enable "Expenses"

2. Add desired "Chargeable Expense" and "Non-chargeable Expense" codes/ categories under Admin -> Settings -> Configure Lists

If expenses needs to be approved, assign "Approving Manager" for each user in Papilio. If already defined for time sheets, same manager will have right to approve expenses as well.

Logout of Papilio and login again, after above changes, to effect changes.

Service "Financials"

Estimates, invoices, and reimbursements are grouped under "Financials" of that service. With current change, based on your access rights, you will see new section/ sub-tab called "Financials" for each service.

All information required for billing/ invoicing like actual cost of service, and expenses on providing this service will be along with billing/ invoicing section that helps you do better billing.

As always, please share your feedback on these new features.