Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Live Support feature is down!

We had to bring down the live support due to technical difficulties with our ISP. The support software runs on a different ISP than the papilio application. They seem to have trouble sustaining the support application and have suspended our account.

We will come back to you with our service on an alternate hosting arrangement as soon as we possibly can. We are sorry about this and we are working hard to restore the service. Until then, please direct your queries by email to info at indygo dot in or by phone to 080-26762020. Thank you for your patience.

Update: As of today (21-Jan-2009) morning, the live support has been restored. We would be more than happy to hear from you on that channel.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Upcoming features for 2010

Some of the upcoming features for this year -
  1. Invoicing
  2. Fine grained permissioning
  3. Activity Logging
  4. Bulk emailing to your clients
  5. Video help content
  6. General Search functionality
  7. SMS Alerts
  8. Bulk messages by your office through SMS and Email
  9. Importing and exporting of service data
  10. More relevant reports
  11. Features required for nurturing and growing a community
  12. Integration with Google - using their open-id platform, gadgets etc.
  13. Time Estimation of Services/Tasks
Some of these are already in the oven baking, while some are on the drawing board. Do let us know if you find your pet requirement missing from the list. We will try to add it to the roadmap.