Thursday, December 3, 2009


Dear Users,

This upgrade is a huge one in that, the number of things that have been tinkered to perfection are quite a few. Major items were based on suggestions from you. Thank you so much for sending them to us. A lot of effort has gone into this release and we hope that it brings you the same joy in using it as it has brought to us in bringing it to you. Some of the major items are described below.
  1. Attaching files to tasks, messages and comments and a complete revamp of messages UI. Now the messages send email (when you select to notify) with attachments.
  2. Help popup for the application. Content for some of the pages are still under development.
  3. Header through out the application has been revamped
  4. Capturing Partner/Director information for your clients is now easier.
  5. Milestone has been removed and in their place, due-dates have been introduced
  6. Drill down into the timelog report.
  7. UI Changes -
    1. 'My Tasks' and 'Add Timelog' have been revamped for easier use.
    2. Progress indicators have been put in place.
  8. Performance issues
You can find these described in greater detail at this link - As always the case is, please do get back to us with your valuable suggestions about these and other changes. It will help us tremendously to make sure we bring you what you need and not what we think you need.

There are couple of additional things I would like to introduce to you.

1. We created an SMS Channel called "mypapilio" where you can get real time updates about Papilio through SMS. (Charges levied by your carrier to receive SMS might still apply). So please sign up with your mobile number by using this link -

2. We introduced live-support (live chat) on the application as an experiment to improve our support to you. So in case you need support while using the application, you can click on the "live support" link on the top-right corner and talk to a support person (the button in the link turns blue if there are support people online). We are still trying to get the logistics for this in place. To start with, we hope to be available to serve you from 10AM to 6PM, monday through friday (except on holidays). As we progress, this time-slot will increase to fit your working schedule.

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