Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Multiple Accounts in Mulberry

Most of the times, its difficult to guess what your customer needs. We might be able to guess some of the times, but it takes a real knack and a lot of empathy to actually feel the pain. Especially for us who are not chartered accountants, the problem is deeper, since most of our customers are from this fraternity. One such issue has been the need to be able to invoice their customers as multiple companies, sometimes as a consultant and sometimes as a statutory body. We didn't see it initially when Mulberry went out of the door, but as soon as our beta customers started using it they saw it bright as a day.

Changing the underlying data structures is usually a tricky job. And I am glad to report that we have finished this feature to satisfaction. So here comes -
you can now create an invoice under multiple account heads (thats what we call). For those of you, who use Mulberry like a straight forward invoicing app, you will not see any changes (except the logo will not appear in the printable format yet.) If you want to use this feature, go to "Admin > Settings". Look for "Accounts". You can add a new account, or edit the current one.

Importantly, even if you don't use the multiple account feature, you can set a prefix for your invoice numbers and set the sequence number from which you want to start the numbering for your invoices.

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